About OCS

OCS is situated in the Olievenhoutbosch community on the R55 just outside Centurion. It is a community challenged by poverty, over-population, unemployment and abuse. With an ever increasing need for education, Church Without Walls wanted to help the children in the community through providing quality education within the community. OCS was established with 14 children in 2004. At that time the learners didn’t have any classrooms and were taught in a tent by volunteers.

Vision and Mission

OCS’s vision is to alleviate poverty through providing quality education and empowerment programs. Our mission is to meet educational, social, material and emotional needs of the Olievenhoutbosch community, while also practising Biblical principles. We stand and promote the following seven values: Love, Faith, Unity, Truth, Joy, Peace and Respect.

School Infrastructure

In 2015 our school consists of the following classes: Two Grade 0 classes, Two Grade 1 classes, Three Grade 2 classes, Two Grade 3 classes, Two Grade 4 classes. The school has a total of 171 learners and 12 teachers. The teachers are volunteers from the community or student teachers who are busy studying. They earn a small salary which we can pay them through donations. We also offer an after-care facility for learners after school. A separate group of 12 staff members are assisting the learners in the afternoon with homework, sport and culture activities and Bible lessons. We also offer a feeding scheme for these learners.


Our language of learning is English, and we offer Zulu, Sepedi and Afrikaans as first additional language options at school. Our classes range between 12 and 16 learners per class, in order to provide individual attention. OCS follow the CAPS curriculum, whilst also incorporating Christian Values in its teaching plans. At our after-care centre we offer basic computer classes, and extension in Maths and English through educational software. Additionally we offer the following extra-curricular activities:
athletics, netball, soccer, cricket and a yearly concert where all the kids participate, is a highlight in October.

Needs Analysis

  • A vehicle (preferably a “bakkie”) to pick up donations and food for the school and after-care
  • Stationery, English dictionaries, English storybooks for children aged 6 – 12 years
  • Textbooks - amounts to around R50 000 per year
  • Sports equipment, especially good quality soccer & netball balls
  • Financial donation towards school trips for the kids
  • Food for our feeding scheme
  • Gifts for our kids at the end of November for Christmas
  • Toilet paper & cleaning materials such as Handy Andy and dishwashing liquid
  • Any financial donation for our day-to-day running of the school and after-care centre

New school building

We are awaiting the approval of the City of Tshwane for the building of a permanent school structure. The school will ultimately provide education for about 500 learners.

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